The Hospital Consumer Assessment Of Healthcare Providers And Systems ( Hcahps )

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Quiet at Night
Quite environment in a hospital is one of the quality indicators the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare providers and systems (HCAHPs) is used to evaluate the hospital in their patient satisfaction survey. Since 2008 the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare providers has been reaching out to the recently discharged patients to complete the quality survey. This is the nationwide evaluation resource that helps to evaluate the care to properly reimburse the hospital and identify the areas of strength and weaknesses (Solomon, 2012). That is why it is so important to meet the standard these benchmarks. The poor ranking score negatively affects the hospital reimbursement for the medical services provided. Also, the survey results are subject to publicity and can damage the hospital reputation as well("Cahps Hospital Survey," 2015).
There are many different ways to approach this problem or increase the scores by the unit manager, but it requires collaboration with the rest of the team members and a proper management techniques.
The managerial decision making model can offer a better way in identifying the problems and finding a possible resolution. The managerial decision-making model includes the following steps: identification of the problem, options and their consideration, decision, implementation of the action plan, and evaluations of the results (Marquis & Huston, 2015). In this paper, we will focus on the problem identification and…

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