Hospital Breakeve Analysis In Sub-Saharan Africa

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There 's no qualms hospital administrator 's job is problematic and trying, and it 's only getting tougher each year. With so many conflicting and expenses surge, hospital executives must prepare administrators to successfully manage during a time of transformational, staff shortage and other changes in the healthcare system.
The growing health problems in the country today require more hospitals that offer new and sophisticated facilities. In fact, the need for additional staff, medical and laboratory facilities is necessary in order to respond to the accelerating demands of patients.
Take sub-Saharan Africa, for example, they have many facilities that are shortage of staff and lack of sophisticated facilities. They are not financially
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All these factors will influence the hospital’s control, planning, decision-making processes (Younis, Jabr, Smith, Al-Hajeri & Hartmann, 2011). (2) The hospital breakeven analysis is one of the CVP analysis applications that will be affected by the move from a fee-for-analysis to capitation contract. The main challenge that the hospital faces with regard to the impact of the capitated environment is the varied risks that emanate from the lack of sufficient financial, underwriting, accounting, and actuarial skills within the hospital. These risks are, however, mitigated by the sheer size of the population covered in the hospitals program.
Furthermore, in the growing health problems in the country, many hospital administrators should build more hospitals and offer and maintain up-to-date and refined facilities with qualified employees. The increasing demands of health services that patients need will demand proper attention. Most likely, the problem of a low returns of patients in day or two might be due to global recession where patients prefer to stay at home than to be confined in the hospital. That is why the hospital administrator must provide new facilities, quality care, along with suitable wage for the staffer. It improves the business of the hospital, the patients and boost the staff

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