The Horrors Of Totalitarianism In 1984 By George Orwell

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Totalitarian governors such as Hitler and Stalin inspired several artists, one of them being George Orwell, who lived through World War I, World War II, the Cold War, and got to see big changes happening in the world. The writer wrote numerous books exploring topics such as poverty, an individual’s role in society, and politics. One of his most famous books is 1984. This literary novel addresses the consequences of a totalitarian government. It shows a possible future for the world if it had continued with the trend of totalitarian leaders. According to CNN, 1984 ranked fifth best on Amazon’s bestseller list in 2017. It began to rise back to popularity after Trump’s advisor, Kellyanne Conway, said “alternative facts” in an interview, which, …show more content…
The author attributed Winston with some highly ordinary characteristics; he is a thirty-nine years old, frail and thin man, who works in the Ministry of Truth and does not enjoy his job, he drinks and smokes, and likes to write. Orwell’s purpose when inventing this character was to create a person the readers can identify with. From the beginning of the book, Winston shows signs of being a rebellious person. For example, he decided to start writing in a journal. Although this is technically not against Oceania’s laws, it would definitely get him killed. Also, Winston rights “DOWN WITH THE BIG BROTHER” numerous times in his journal, which is a terrible thought crime. Winston does all this with the hope he might get some freedom, but deep down he knows the government will eventually find out about his crimes against the Party. The character’s rebellion reaches its epitome when he starts having relationships with Julia. This is, again, a terrible crime against the Party, since people cannot feel any pleasure, only reproduce. From his first crime, Winston knew the Party would most likely discover his wrongdoings, and this is the reason he continued to take risks. The character goes from being an ordinary man, who has a dull routine and no real pleasures in life, to being this great rebellious man, and in the end, after being tortured, he becomes the perfect follower of the Party, showing a love for Big Brother he definitely had never had. Winston’s downfall is O’Brien’s fault. This character pretends to be a rebel himself, who is part of the Inner Party and can make Winston part of the rebellious movement. Naturally, Winston feels some kind of connection with O’Brien. However, the so believed rebel is, in fact, a loyal follower of the Party and he betrays Winston by giving him away to the Thought Police. In the end, O’Brien tortures both Julia and

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