The Horrors Of Captain America And Japan's Internment Camps

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American Japanese were being exterminated and held prisoner in their own nation, a community long known for its definement and subsequent exclusion of the Other. At the time of figure 2’s publication, the first group of Japanese-American prisoners in California internment camps were being dispersed across the nation to other holdings, deemed either a threat or to be incarcerated (Tamura).

In this issue (figure 2), Bucky has a larger role, holding a semi-automatic gun and unloading rounds right into the heads of the Japanese soldiers. While there is no gore on these covers, it is clear that Captain America and Bucky Barnes are not just subduing the enemy like they had in the prior comic with the Nazi soldiers, but are systematically exterminating them like it’s a game. Whereas the Captain displays a serious expression, Bucky is seen smiling. From this, we can gather he is entertained by not the act of killing other people, but simply eliminating a pest; to Bucky and the audience, these are yellow monsters with fangs and slits for eyes like snakes, clearly not people like the Americans. Again, this effectively defines for others what they ought to aspire to be more like: the proof that popular culture, such as the wildly
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While the Nazi swastika is used in abundance to label and even more so — warn and scare the reader of — the men in the first over, this cover uses the Empire of Japan’s flag lamely to identify, even rudimentary. In fact, the base for the Nazis was sophisticated and contained numerous technologies with which to attack us with, while the Japanese soldiers appear to be stationed in an ancient dungeon like savages with a lack of modern technology and comforts that even the Nazis

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