The Horror Of The Monster Essay

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We find pleasure in curiosity, however to get this curiosity we need to be presented with an impossible being to be curious about. A being which will seem impossible to us is one that crosses over the boundaries we have used to classify nature (Mary Douglas) like something that posses qualities of more than one type of animal, something that flies but also has multiple legs or something that swims but also crawls on land. Or something living and dead, bodies which are not complete, or bodies of which there is more to them that we would imagine like the possession of one body by another. These creatures will inspire awe and fascination amongst us but due to their nature they will also disgust us.

There is an exception to this and these are slasher films and other films which only really offer extreme violence and a bit of sex. Carroll thinks these are mainly films people go to as tests of endurance, and this explains why adolescent boys are the most persistent group to watch this type of horror.

The aspect of the monster and what makes it frightening is a very important part of Carroll 's theory. However a problem with this is that it is not explained why we want to watch horror and not just fantasy, where we see the monster but do not have to suffer the fear. This is better explained by an integrationist theory, in which we enjoy being scared. I think that people may prefer horror because it forces them to think not just of the impossible, but of the consequences that…

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