The Horror Of The Holocaust Essay

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The Holocaust, also called the Shoah was mass genocide of millions of Jews, gypsies, communists, homosexuals, the mentally and physically handicapped and many others civilians whom were deemed unfit for up rise of Nazi Germany. Jews over the centuries have been blamed for being defeated at World War II because of reasons concerning economics, cultural reasoning, ' 'because they are different, ' ' and much more. Through film, and pictures we are able depict how those rough years must of looked. Visual entertainment has always been an interesting way to play with hearts of the audiences, which can be said about during the time of the Holocaust when fictional stories portrayed propaganda. So, therefore it can be easily said that most popular knowledge of the past does not come from, text, historical documents, but from film. Historian Robert Rosenstone argues that it possible to draw and understanding from silver screen films and can be used as learning tool for the newer generation to get a grasp on history. Featured films this essay will draw from are ‘‘The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, ' ' (2008) directed by Mark Herman, and ' 'Life Is Beautiful, ' ' (1997) directed by Roberto Benigni. Also, a documentary film this essay will also draw from is ' 'The Lady in the No. 6, ' ' (2013) directed by Malcolm Clarke. A primary source that this essay will conclude on to get a greater aspect of daily life during the World War II is Victor Klemperer 's diaries ' 'I Will…

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