The Horrible Nightmare Of The Holocaust Essay

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Helen “Zippi” Spitzer Tichauer, one of the only few Auschwitz survivors, opens up and shares her testimony of how she survived, the horrible nightmare that was the holocaust. Auschwitz was the largest concentration camp, in Poland. Over a million Jewish lives were taken from this appalling event. In the book, Approaching an Auschwitz Survivor, it goes into detail on Zippi’s life. Now at the age of ninety, Zippi is one of the last living holocaust survivors. This book gives her oral interview, and gives the reader the ups and downs of how this interview was transcribed. Zippi was a young girl from Czechoslovakian, when she got summoned into Auschwitz. She was one of the first arrivals at the death camp. “The first transport consisted of un-married girls who were called upon to operate.”() Zippi was lucky, being one of the first arrivals meant she got her own pair of shoes. The living conditions were extremely poor. Once more people began to arrive, they had to share bunks with other girls. To survive they would receive moldy bread, watery soup, and tea.() Zippi knew to survive, she had to stay as hygienic as possible. It doesn’t go into very deep thought, on how the hygiene situations were once everyone arrived at the camp. It mentions it briefly in the beginning when Zippi first arrives. Women would search for leaves, shreds of paper, anything they could find for toilet paper. Before Auschwitz, Zippi was in graphic design school, being the only girl. This was a huge asset…

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