Essay on The Horrible Effects Of Global Warming

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The Horrible effects of Global Warming
There is a reason that the polar ice caps are melting and what hurricanes are worse than they were about 20 years ago. Global warming was once thought to be a myth, but after of scientific evidence it has been proven that is real. Now the main point is to prove what global warming does not what it is. A dramatic rise in the earth’s atmospheric temperature linked to green house gasses and other related phenomena are responsible for the extinction of many species of flora fauna, an unprecedented decline in human and animal food sources and increase in devastation by natural disasters.
Knowing exactly what global warming is helps understanding how it is able to cause extinction of flora, decline in food sources, and increase in devastation by natural disasters. Global warming is an increase in earth’s atmospheric temperature and this rise in temperature is caused by the greenhouse effect. The National Resource Defense Council describes the green house effect as “Carbon dioxide and other air pollution that is collecting in the atmosphere like a thickening blanket, trapping the sun 's heat and causing the planet to warm up”. To reduce carbon dioxide and other air pollution in the atmosphere thing such as electric cars have been made so they burn less gas.

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First, flora fauna or plant life is one aspect that global warming continues to threaten. Plant life is essential for humans to survive because they make that we breath by…

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