The Hope Of The Christ Essay example

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I went back to the text but the dialogue had died down and no new themes or ideas were coming to me. At this point I did what Nancy Gross suggests and listed out my possible guesses for the meaning of this text.
• it is a literal view of what it will be like before Jesus second coming of judgement.
• It is about the hope of the coming of Christ
• It is about the action needed before Christ coming again
• It has something to do with eschatological theology and the idea of Christ coming to us again and again
At this point I engaged others in the dialogue for help.
First, I reached out to a mentor of mine with my eschatological idea. She affirmed my belief by explaining it more clearly:
“As part of the reformed tradition, we ascribe to the doctrine of the Trinity. If we truly believe that God, Jesus, and Spirit are one in the same, then every time we have an experience of the Holy Spirit, Jesus has in fact come again. Every time we experience transition from what has been to what is new, Jesus has come again. The dispensationalist focuses only on a date in time when the physical Jesus will walk the earth again. Is that going to happen? … I recognize the work of the Spirit in the world today. I can embrace that experience now, and in doing so, I have in fact engaged in an experience of Jesus. …We say that only Jesus can judge. That’s because the very act of moving into justice is to live into the image of Jesus as the great judge/rebalancer. Is not a time of balance…

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