The Hook Up Culture : Who Should Be Responsible? Essay

2130 Words Oct 29th, 2016 9 Pages
The Hook-up Culture: Who Should be Responsible? More and more people are participating in a culture where casual sex is welcomed and highly encouraged. This culture has actually been around for quite some time but has become increasingly popular among individuals in today’s society. The hook-up culture has become popular considering it encourages physical pleasure without the stress of emotional commitment. Even with the increase in popularity, people still do not feel the hook-up culture is worth the loss of emotional connection and other complications that are attached to it. An example of this attitude is shown in a commentary entitled “The Hook-up Culture” by Jack Grimes. Grimes states his beliefs about why college students and young adults are so entranced by this deceitful culture. Even with the persuasive points and statements made by Grimes, his argument is not an accurate representation of both gender’s responsibility in the hook-up culture. Women are now blamed for the hook-up cultures growth and popularity, which is tremendously ironic considering it takes two consenting individuals to have sex. For that very reason, women should never be held responsible. Jack Grimes, who is a student at Tufts University wrote a commentary justifying his views on why college students and young adults are crazy about the hook-up culture. Grimes first point was that horniness cannot fully explain why students become entranced by the hook-up culture. To further this point, he…

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