The Honey Bees And Honey Bee Population Essay

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In the state of New Hampshire, beautiful flowers, amongst other plant and fruit life, bloom in the spring and last through the fall when the weather begins to chill. These plants are able to grow and produce through pollination. Unfortunately, many of the honey bees are dying off and without them to pollinate, crops will not survive, flowers and fruit will not grow, and we will lose many other luxuries bees and their honey provide us with. The decrease in the honey bee population is becoming very troubling and unnerving. Scientists believe that “global warming, habitat loss, parasites, and a class of bee-killing insecticides known as neonics” may be some of the cause (Environment, n.d). Universities and scientists are diligently working to uncover the truth behind the decrease in bees and how to better sustain the honey bee population.
Many people find bees to be a stinging nuisance, but they are forgetting what an important role bees play in our environment. In the recent years, beekeepers have been reporting losses of about 30% of honeybee colonies each winter (Environment, n.d). This is a serious issue in places such as New Hampshire where honeybees have a huge job to uphold to.
Scientists do not have definite beliefs in the cause of honeybees dying off but they do believe several factors play a big role in the losses. The first problem is the change in climate. While it is expected for more bees to die in the winter than summer, recently the number of deaths in summer…

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