The Homelessness For Children Should Not Exist Essay

1023 Words Apr 27th, 2016 5 Pages
Even though government funds are low, homelessness for children should not exist in our society today because of runaways, and homeless parents. Runaways, children, and adults in a homeless situation are finally receiving the help they need, thanks to new state laws and associations (Fermino 3). Undeveloped areas are increasing homelessness rates due to the increase of unsafe homes in war zones (Stearman 41). Additionally, natural disasters are destroying homes and leaving individuals and families with nothing left (35). Lastly, big cities are making it harder to start new businesses as well as live due to the rising house affordability rates (Markee 3). Most teenagers in bad living situations runaway thinking their life situation will be better than it was. But for the most part, it gets worst. Teenagers are often also kicked out of their own house due to financial issues (Finzel 4). Most teenage girls that are left on the street or in homes for the homeless end up being abused (1). Misuse of drugs and alcohol is a common outcome of runaway teenage boys and girls, which then leads them to stay homeless as adults (Allard 1). Teenage runaway girls are at high risks of being abused sexually at young ages (Finzel 1). Due to the absence of a mother or father figure, teenage boys misuse alcohol and drugs, which leads to health issues (Finzel 1, Homelessness 2). In addition, many homeless teen girls are not able to get an education and end up pregnant before they hit their…

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