Homeless Youth Vulnerable Population

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The Homeless Youth

Description of Social Need of Vulnerable Population: When most people think about the homeless they visualize the stereotype society has placed on the homeless such as older adults and drug addicts but rarely picture adolescence. Homeless Adolescence is individuals from ages 15-24. The homeless youth are individuals who do not have parental, foster or institutional care (NCFH, 2016). Arkansas has ranked the third worst state in the nation for homelessness for youths (Mershon, 2014).
Background of Vulnerable Population: Youth have become homeless due to familiar and economical problems and housing instability. The youth are forced to leave their homes because of sexual and physical abuse, addiction in the family and even
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Without having services to help the needs of the homeless it becomes difficult to get out of being homelessness. If there is no assisting the homeless youth will continue to through the pain of not knowing where the will be sleeping for the night or if they will even eat for the day. Although the school provides homeless liaisons or social worker it is important that the liaison keeps records of specific need in the area in response to the homeless. The social work must be able to assess the need for each youth. Identify each situation the youth came from. The liaison or social work must also be able to participate in surveys to provide honest responses of the seriousness of youth homelessness in the community. The liaisons or social work must also be able to advocate for the homeless and bring awareness to the …show more content…
The benefits to this plan allow the direct needs of the youth to be met. If staff volunteers to help with outreach programs this will help the homeless youth to gain skills and experiences to find employment and earn an income. With the program, it will also allow assistance with a transitional living application, and step to follow during the process. Students will also have the opportunity to work with a social worker and staff with their healthcare applications as well. This would benefit the youth because it will also allow students to take a basic cooking class to learn about healthy eating habits. It would be beneficial if the educational board and social worker set up events for donations every 6 months to bring awareness to the homeless within the community. The social worker should discuss some personal stories to the audience to make it personal and show that homelessness within youth is a serious problem. This plan can really help to fight homelessness and give the student a chance to start a new life and stay of out the

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