Essay on The Homeless Problem Of Homeless

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Homeless people have become an issue because they don’t know how they are going to survive the next day. When I saw the picture, it made me think about people who are homeless, and how they are going to find their next meal, and are going to find a place to sleep. I think the author wants people to think about homeless people, and the problems they are facing every day. To understand the homeless issue is finding out why, how, and how we going to solve the homeless issue. The author really wanted people to be informed about what goes with homeless people, and we should find a way to solve this issue.
To understand what the author of the picture was saying is how people become homeless. There are two reasons that made people homeless. The first reason is the loss of the job. The job loss is hard, it happens when the person is caught doing something wrong, or that person is not doing the job the right way. The company that the person is working in is going through hard times, and must lay off people to keep the company going, so that person gets laid off from the job, and can’t afford to stay in the house, so in the long run without the income, that will become homeless. The second reason is that there are some homeless a mental illness. That person who has a mental illness, and doesn’t know they have a mental illness don’t get the proper treatment, and the illness pushed that person into crazy, and won’t know what to do, and not going to make the effort. The author shows…

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