The Pros And Cons Of Being Homeless

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Cruel or Caring? There is an estimated number of 600,000 -760,000 people who are homeless nationwide. These numbers include men, women, children, and the elderly (Hurley). Recently, there have been particular laws made against the homeless community. A few examples of these laws are banned begging and loitering (Bello). Cities that target laws on the homeless are protecting the community, but they are also harming the homeless. There are multiple different factors that can lead a person to becoming homeless. They include: job loss, physical disabilities, mental illnesses, domestic violence, family disputes, and natural disasters. The main causes of homelessness are traumatic and life altering events that are unexpected and unplanned (Home Aid America). Many homeless citizens face difficult obstacles on an everyday life basis. Many of these people face addictions to drugs or alcohol. They may face food borne diseases because of lack of nutritional foods and lack of cleanliness. Other problems …show more content…
In order for a homeless citizen to obtain and keep a home, the housing needs to be more affordable. This would be a major help because one who is homeless may not have a high paying job and cannot afford housing (National Coalition for the Homeless). For homeless communities, cleaning up camp sites and installing more public restrooms would greatly reduce the amount of safety hazards and sickness in a group of homeless people. To advocate the homeless, there needs to be more resources for mental/physical health and substance abuse. Many homeless face addictions that they need the support and help to get rid of (The Problem of Homeless Encampments). Instead of working towards creating laws against homelessness, the government needs to dedicate more outreach and provide new programs towards the

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