Essay on The Homeland, Aztlan From Borderlands : La Frontera

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Many people see the U.S Mexico border as a marker of territory belonging to the U.S and the territory belonging to Mexico. However, to many others the border symbolizes and means much more than that. Gloria Anzaldua, Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Alejandro Lugo speak of these other meanings that many times are swept under the rug.
In The Homeland, Aztlan from Borderlands: La Frontera, Gloria Anzaldua speaks of the differences between the experiences of people living on the U.S side of the border and of those that live on Mexico side of the border. Anzaldua tells us the history of the Americas and of the forceful taking of Mexican and indigenous land which eventually led to the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo and creation of the border and the continual taking and colonization of land and the Mexican and indigenous people after the creation of the border. Anzaldua argues that the border is nothing more than a “dividing line” that “define(s) the places that are safe and unsafe.” (Anzaldua, P. 25) This statement is very true, people living on the U.S side of the border live in comfort knowing that they live in a safe community meanwhile people living on the Mexican side of the border live in constant fear and terror not knowing whether they will live to see another day. Anzaldua further argues that the border is a constant reminder of colonization and forced assimilation stating that “The Gringo, locked into the fiction of white superiority… stripp[ed] Indian and…

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