Essay on The Home Improvement Contractor Scam

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The home improvement contractor scam known as the "Traveler" has been around for decades, and consumer advocate Courtney Yelle estimates that they bilk consumers out of more than $20 million annually. Since home improvement contractors often work out of their vehicles, this scam can appear quite benevolent at a glance, especially since professional scam artists don 't seen like solicitors first. But once you fall for the Traveler 's scam, you could wind up losing thousands of dollars. This home improvement contractor scam seems pretty innocent at first. You 're doing chores around the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon when your doorbell rings. You answer to find a clean-cut, well-dressed workman standing at your door. He says that he 's noticed that your driveway is cracked or that your shingles need replaced or your home could use some paint. He might say that he 's new to the area or was just passing through your neighborhood on the way home from a job. He wants to know if you 're interested in low-cost home improvement services. Don 't be fooled, however, because this is the Traveler. There are several ways in which the Traveler will try to convince you that it isn 't a scam, even if you don 't indicate your suspicion. He might give the names of a few of your neighbors and say that he 's done work for them before. He might also tell you that he 's "booked solid until March", but that he 'd be happy to put you on the waiting list for a small deposit. Whatever his line…

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