The Holy Spirit And The Apostles Essay

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Introduction Acts is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke. Both books are addressed to the same person Theophilus, whose name means “beloved by God”. Also Acts picks up right where Luke 24 ends, with the ascension. When Jesus ascended it marked the completion of his ministry on earth.

Verse 1 Acts 1 and Luke 24 have much overlap between them. “Without the book of Acts the story of Jesus would be incomplete. Afterall, he didn’t come merely to save individuals to get them to heaven, but to create a community that would carry out God’s kingdom.” Luke tells the story of Jesus and Acts tells how Jesus’ ministry comes to a close and begins the work of the Holy Spirit.

Verse 2 With the ascension, Jesus no longer directs the Apostles, the meaning of the word apostle is “one sent with a commission”. Instead the Holy Spirit will do that. In verse two the two main characters are identified: the Holy Spirit and the Apostles. With the Holy Spirit’s help the Apostles will go on to fulfill Jesus’ great commission. There weren’t just twelve Apostles, there is potentially nine others. Luke uses the word apostle more than any other New Testament author. He uses the word 34 times in both of his books, Luke and Acts.
Verse 3 Verse 3 identifies two declarations, the resurrection and the kingdom of God. Jesus gives many convincing proofs that he was actually resurrected. Jesus even ate a fish to prove that he was actually resurrected and not a ghost. “The resurrection thus became the core…

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