The Holy Quran, And It Is It The Dark Or The White Essay

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Everything in this life have name and history, this how we can organize people, animals, and things. Names can help you to know how you can bake a cake, which kind of flour you should use and which kind of chocolate you prefer is it the dark or the white. Moreover, there are many names that have history or story and this can make some people excited to know and learn about this name. For example, when people ask what is your name? You answer them and then they ask you what dose this mean? Why your parents named you like this? In fact, names can be a kind of culture or religion. For instance, my name mentioned in the holy Quran, and has a story. My mother named me Khloud because the name of her best friend was Khloud and she wanted to give me a good name. In addition, the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him said: On the Day of Resurrection you will be called by your names and by your father 's names, so give yourselves good names. This is why I feel so special my name was in the holy Quran and I am happy to call by this name in that day. Finally, your name can help people to know who you are or what is your culture because each culture has different heritage historical.

The second cultural heritage is my rug. It is important thing for all Muslims no one can pray without this rug except if the place clean.
If you want to give a great gift in my culture give rug because everyone need rug to pray. My sister gave me this gift and I love it so much I use it everyday because I…

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