The Holy Bible: The Foundation Of The Canon

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The Foundation of the Canon

Almost 1,982 years ago Joshua (whose name means Yahweh is salvation ) was crucified. Since that time a substantial amount of writings both, canonical and non-canonical were written about Him and His teachings. I learned in the past that there are certain qualifications that have to be passed in order for a writing to be considered canon and placed in the New Testament of the bible, however when looking back through history I see something quite different has taken place. There were different defensive reasons that were taken into consideration as to why writings were separated from other writings and placed into the “New Testament” canon. The first defense was from legalism which was quickly handled by Paul
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Four books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John are called the good news . Two of the good news books were written from Apostles who followed Joshua while He was doing His ministry. One was written by a disciple of the Apostle Simon Peter and the other was written by a disciple of Paul who claims himself to have thoroughly investigated all the people he came across, gathering all the information he could so he could write it all down in an orderly fashion . Paul’s 13 epistles were written between the years 49-65 AD since it is commonly thought that he was beheaded (because of his Roman citizenship) soon after the great fire of Rome during Nero’s persecution of Christians . It is believed the earliest writings in the New Testament are from the book of James, written in 40 AD and the latest books were written around the year 95 …show more content…
The first books of the New Testament to be considered authoritative was called the fourfold or the four gospels. Jordan Daniel May gives a good argument in his essay “The Four Pillars: the Four Fold Gospel Before the Time of Irenaeus” of how it is almost certain that Justin Martyr and Irenaeus both considered the gospel canon closed because most of their quotes come from these four books. Justin used mainly these four books during worship meetings that he held while Irenaeus said God made four Gospels to compliment the four covenants just as He had made four Pillars to hold up the world and the four gospels to spread the good news. After Justin’s martyrdom his student Tatiana put together the already widely used gospels. He took out overlapping information while adding words to tie all the gospels together his work was called Tatian’s

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