The Holocaust: The Victims Of The Holocaust

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The Holocaust began in 1933. Adolf Hitler created the Holocaust. The Holocaust was mass murder of the Jews. Victims of the Holocaust suffered for four years. There were 566,000 victims of the Holocaust (“Women”). Victims in the holocaust were Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals. The people who refused to go the concentration camps were taken some where else.The Jews were taken to the concentration camps against their will. The Jews were taken to the concentration camps by trains. There were about 1,000 people on each train. The people were stacked on top of each other in their bunks on the train. The passengers did not do anything on the train because there was not enough room for activities to do and there were no activities for them to do …show more content…
Most of the victims in the camps spoke little or no english. Some children were used as slaves after they arrived at the camps. Men and women were separated and suffered in different ways during the Holocaust. Some of the victims in the concentration camps starved to death. Diseases in the camps were wide spread. The treatment for men and women were not the same neither men or women. Six thousand victims were killed a day in the concentration camps (Helemreich). The perpetrators are the Nazis and German leaders. Adolf Hitler was the leader of Nazi party and Germany. Adolf Hitler started World War II with a military objective of world domination. Hitler had another objective during the war and it was to destroy the Jewish population (Ayer 9). Almost all of the Jewish population was wiped out because of Hitler. Hitler’s speeches showed his hatred toward the Jews (Bachrach 11). No one thought Hitler would think and do such things to the Jews. Hitler separated the men and women in the concentration camps to prevent the birth of more jewish children (Bachrach 10). The Nazis targeted Jewish women and thought that they were a major target to kill. The Nazis wanted total …show more content…
This is a term that describes the guilt the victims of the Holocaust were feeling. Most of the victims who survived the Holocaust experienced survivors guilt. Survivors guilt usually happened when the victim had survived and the family of the victim did not. Many survivors had trouble trusting people and were not able to go back to their normal lives. Many survivors had nightmares for long period of times (Helemreich).Rose, Jack, Elise, Solomon, David, were non-famous Holocaust survivors that told their perspectives on the Holocaust. Rose was sent away from her village when she was nineteen years old. She was sent to a camp where 10,00 or even 20,000 Jews were burned a day. Rose was sent to a concentration camp called Auschwitz with her sister. Rose and her sister were seperated and sent to different camps after a few days of being in Auschwitz together. The camps were right next to each other. Rose and her sister would meet each other across the fences to talk. Then one day, her sister did not return to talk with Rose. Rose saw children being picked up by the Nazis and carried to a pit. The children were being thrown into the pit to be burried alive. The Nazis had taken all the childrens shoes before they were thrown into the pit. Rose remembered telling her sister to keep eating and that if she did not that she would die. Her sister starved to death and that haunted her for the rest of her life. Jack had

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