The Holocaust : The Tragedy Of Modern Human History Essay examples

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The Holocaust is arguably the most powerful and tragic disaster in modern human history. However, once we distance ourselves from the emotional aspects of this event we’re able to fully evaluate the legitimate reasons why the Holocaust brought suffering to a great number of peoples. This essay will focus on the holocaust, first with a brief explanation of its nature. Second, what effect the holocaust had on the war. Third, what effect the war hand on the holocaust and Fourth, to what extent the holocaust indirectly or directly inspired resistance or increased resentment during the war.

The holocaust was the ‘final solution’ proposed by the third Reich which entailed the mass elimination of undesirable or sub-human peoples, typically though excessive forced labour, firing squads or gas chambers. This was not uniquely for the ‘Jewish problem’, of which 6 million Jews were killed during the war, but also included the systematic extermination of ‘sub-human’ groups or those otherwise considered undesirable or problematic to the Nazi government. This included Roma, Homosexuals, Russian prisoners of war, political opponents, select polish citizens and the mentally and physically handicapped. With these people combined the death toll is estimated at 11 million people. To accommodate for this number there were roughly 10,000 facilities that work either as concentration or extermination centres , each functioning to indirectly or directly kill these individuals. Through…

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