The Holocaust: The Rise Of The Nazi Party

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Holocaust is a Greek word meaning "scarified by fire." In 1933 the Nazi power started to grow and along with that power came the spread of their belief of anti-Semitism. They hated the Jews because they thought of them as an inferior race to the Germans. The goal of the Nazi power during this time was to eliminate anybody that was not a German or somebody they deemed racially superior.
After World War 1 ended Germany was in chaos with over a dozen political parties trying to gain control. Some of these parties had large followings but most of them did not. One of the smallest parties was the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or German Workers’ Party, which later became known as the Nazi Party (“The Nazis” 18). The platform for the Nazi Party was
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In 1933, the first laws were passed against the Jews. The first law was passed on April 7, this banned Jews from civil service careers such as teaching and legal professions (“The Nazis” 65). “On July 14, the Entitled Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases took effect. This law forced more than 400,000 people, including some Germans, Jews, Gypsies, and other “undesirables” to be sterilized for a wide and fairly vague number of reasons” (“The Nazis” …show more content…
Three days before the 9th a German diplomat was shot by a Polish Jew, whose parents were put into concentration camps. The assignation of this diplomat caused the Nazis to do something to the Jews to scare and harm them. During the night of the 9th German synagogues were burned and the windows in Jewish shops were mashed. About 100 Jews were killed that night and thousands were arrested (“The Holocaust”) . The night became known as the Night of the Broken Glass because of all the glass that was left on the streets after Nazi storm troopers went through and smashed all of the shops windows. The really tragedy came later when the Nazis blamed the Jews for all the damage and demanded they pay for the damages. This meant that any insurance money they received was confiscated and given to pay their “abominable crimes” (“The Nazis” 71) . Many people today consider that night the start of the

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