The Holocaust : The Most Notorious And Inhumane Event Essay

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The Holocaust Has Created The Present -Ibrahim Atcha-CH2CD-

The Holocaust and The Present
A lot can be said on the horrific events that the holocaust was a parent to. The repercussions and the aftermath of the holocaust is what is taught in history today. However, many still yet fail to see the substantial repercussions and the legacy which was left behind by the holocaust that may still be recognized in the present. The Holocaust has been known as the most notorious and inhumane event throughout history yet, many fail to see that the destruction of culture, the lack of education and illness for say is still very common in third world countries. The acrimony to Jews in Nazi Germany was common in almost everyone in Germany. Hitler had made everyone think that the hatred and killing of Jews was something that was normal and at that time it felt as if it was part of the culture of German people. This was influenced by propaganda, one example is the film that was made by the nazis called the Eternal Jew, this was the worst film of all of the antisemitic films. It portrayed a Jew as nothing less than an insect. The Jews however, were “a people without farmers or workers; a race of parasites” (The Eternal Jew, 10:59), this was what was thought in Nazi Germany. This shattered the culture of the Germans and the legacy still remains in different countries. In the time of Hitler, people…

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