The Holocaust: Bergen Belsen

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One of the Most horrific events in history took place in 1933 and didn’t end until twelve

years later with over eleven million two hundred and seventy thousand deaths. The holocaust

was a global epidemic spread fear though out the world. After the tragedies were over the

Bergen Belsen trials took place when the concentration camps were liberated. The trials

brought Nazi war criminals to trial and gave justice to all victims of the holocaust. It all began with the holocaust, the holocaust is when Nazi Germany was on a path of destruction and a conquest for power. It all began in Poland 1939, when the Germans established ghettos in cities. Effectively
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It originally started out as a prison where French and Belgium soldiers were held, but was changed to a concentration camp in 1943. Bergen Belsen was divided into many sections: the first section holding the living spaces for women, men, and parts of the detention camps. The second portion of the camp was used later for medical treatment of the workers. The camp was known for bringing in people that were to frail and sick to work in the normal labor camps. There were no gas chambers in Belsen, but most people died of starvation and diseases such as Typhus. The death toll in the camp reached higher than sixty for thousand. Thousands of dead body’s where moved to mass graves and the survivors took shelter in the run down camp. The camp became so congested with people that it had to be burn in order to stop the spread of diseases. Right before the Germans lost the war to the allies ending their reign of terror, high ranking officials fled the compounds in order to not be caught by the …show more content…
Although there are no official grave makers for the deceased, there is one grand monument that represent the fallen victims of the war. The monument is also depicted with testaments of the survivors of the camp and let us get a glimpse of what it was like to live in the Nazi regime. Therefor, the holocaust was a world tragedy that took thousands of lives. The victims that lost their lives were brought to justices thanks to the trials that took place after the war. Allowing us to have first person accounts on what it was like to live in one of the darkest times the world has ever known. While also giving us a chance to educate the

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