The Holocaust Or 9 / 11 Essay

821 Words Oct 4th, 2015 4 Pages
I wish there was a word to describe the way I feel every time I read about the Holocaust or 9/11. A way to express the disgust I feel despite years of comprehension. I consider myself to be very emotionally stable, the typical “Oh’ I don’t cry” kind of guy, but what I read last week is where I draw the line. How can one not be appalled, question humanity and the good in the world when humans, our brothers and sisters, can do such terrible things to one another? While the overall information from the essays in Images from the Holocaust was not new to me, most of the individual stories were. The first story that shocked me was when Henriette Kaplan remembers, “I was told by Jewish friends who lived near Nuremberg that they were taken by the Nazis to a park and forced to pull weeds out with their teeth… I was out mailing letters, and a small boy of seven carrying a stick told me ‘Don’t you know that Jews must be beater?’ and stuck me on the back several times” (15, Images from the Holocaust). The first section of the quote just seems childish. The Nazis seem like that stereotypical elementary school bully you’d watch in cartoons on TV. Maybe, I was just fortunate enough to never experience or witness that kind of bullying when I was growing up but I always thought that actions like what was portrayed on television were childish and used a means to deter other kids from bullying in real life. I think Nazis described legitimately were people who had emotions they didn’t know how…

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