The Holocaust Of The World War I Essay example

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Lasting 12 years, the Holocaust was the mass genocide of Jewish people, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, and gypsies. It was estimated that 11 million people died during this time period, 6 million of which were Jews. The name Holocaust comes from the Greek word ‘Holokausten’, which means sacrifice by fire. According to most historians, the Holocaust began on April 1st, 1933, when Germany, under Nazi control, passed the first anti-semitic law, effectively boycotting all Jewish run businesses. Legislation against those of the Jewish faith continued to be passed and was referred to as the Nuremberg Laws. The horror of this event has caused many to study and learn from it so that it can never be allowed to happen again. To ensure that no one could ignore it’s happening, 17 countries have established laws banning Holocaust denial.

In order to settle World War I, the Treaty of Versailles was inaugurated, pinning responsibility of the war on Germany. The country was forced to pay reparations, demilitarize the Rhineland and cut down on military power. These harsh reparations led to German resentment of the Treaty and European powers in general. The reparations caused an economic depression in Germany and the country’s infrastructure seemed to be falling apart as the result. A man named Adolf Hitler rose to power in Germany with the Nazi political party on the platform that there would be a retaliation to the reparations. The campaign also put the economic failure of the country…

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