The Holocaust Of The Jewish People Essay

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The Holocaust of the Jewish people in Eastern Europe during World War II under Hitler’s Third Reich is one of the most well documented horrors of the 20th century. The extermination of six millions Jews shocked and disgusted the world. However anti-Semitism, the prejudice against, hatred of, or discrimination against Jews as an ethnic, religious, or racial group, was not something birthed in the twentieth century with the rise of Hitler. World War II did not invent anti-Semitism, the historical prejudiced against the Jewish people has its roots in ancient history. Anti-Semitism dates back hundred of years, the holocaust simply marked the first mass genocide of the Jewish people. Why the Jews were singled out for extermination lives in the history of anti-Semitism and the politics of war. History shows that antisemitic views have existed wherever Jews have been found and even where they are absent. Antisemitism is different every place except for that fact that they were targeted because they were different. The ancient times antisemitism was mainly motivated by cultural differences; meaning the Jews refused to conform the Greek and Roman way of life. This did not bode well with the Romans. Many army official forced young Jewish men into Roman legions in order to mold them from a young age. (“Origins of Anti-Semitism”) At the beginning of the Christian religion both religious sects, Christians and Jews, were persecuted under the Romans, however after the Roman conversion…

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