The Holocaust During World War II Essay

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"Night" by Elie Wiesel is a horrifying account of the Holocaust during World War II. Throughout this novel we see a Eliezer Wiesel, a sixteen year old Jewish boy’s, life turned upside down from his originally peaceful ways. The novel starts out in a small Hungarian town named Sighet. In Sighet there is immense care and concern among the citizens; they all help one another and are true to their beliefs and values. Eliezer 's life starts out revolving around God. In the beginning of the book he is on a journey to study the cabbala and other forms of religious texts. He spends his days studying his schoolwork and his nights studying his religion. Initially Eliezer 's believes that God is everywhere and that nothing exists without God. In the beginning his faith in God is absolute. This all changed when the germans invaded. The peaceful, Jewish community that Eliezer grew up in was shattered into a realm of chaos.
To understand why Eliezer ended up in Auschwitz, one must understand the world events taking place at that time. In 1933 Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor of Germany and the Nazi party takes control of Germany’s government. This was the year that the first concentration camp, Dachau is established. The Wannsee Conference, held in Berlin in January of 1943 ensures the full cooperation of all state, Nazi Party, and SS agencies in beginning “the Final Solution”—a plan to murder the European Jews—under the coordination of the SS and police. By 1944, four million…

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