Essay on The Holocaust And The Worst Genocides

1106 Words Nov 12th, 2015 5 Pages
The holocaust was one of the worst genocides taken place in history. Eleven million innocents lives were taken by a mass murder, Adolf Hitler. He deliberately killed millions of people just because they were Jewish. With today’s society, it will be impossible for something like that to reoccur. Today’s massive access to the internet and social media will make it impossible to hide and not take action on what was occurring, we also no longer have a dictatorship like they had back in the day, and today’s society is more accepting to things and people unlike the past. The holocaust was something most people who not only lived through but also learned about it, will never forget such a tragedy because the damage it caused many people. That is why as a nation we have grown and learned from mistakes like the Holocaust and hopefully an event like so will never happen again. The Internet is accessible to pretty much anyone and everyone in today’s days. Social media and the amount of people using it have taken over our generation. During the time of the holocaust however, things were very different. They were in an isolated area where only the people inside the area had access to what was going on. They had no cell phones where people can record what was truly happening behind doors like people do today. What Adolf Hitler and his group of army’s did was between them and even if one of them wanted to speak out the truth to the world, they had no sources to truly prove it. “While…

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