The Holocaust And The Concentration Camps Essay

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True History of Horrifying Atrocities: Holocaust and the Concentration Camps Holocaust is considered as one of the world’s known mass persecution and murder of more than six million Jews by the Nazi Party, Adolf Hitler, and its supporters in Germany. It is a largely discussed topic that is significantly evident through museums, preserved concentration camps, and the stories from the Holocaust survivors. However, despite all these evidences, there are many who deny the existence of the Nazi murder program. The Nazi Party (National Socialist German Workers Party), who believed that Germans were racial superiors and that Jews were a threat to their community, came to power in Germany in 1933. The Nazi agenda focused social approach on the preserving of the German people from any Jewish and communist related influences of the World 's Jewish Finances. The Nazis based their approach on the assumption that the true policies behind the openly known ones are the ones secretly implemented by a Jewish minority, which aims at ruling the world by ripping it of its human and natural resources. Through this assumption, Nazis develop Anti-Semitism, negative approach against every related aspects of Jewish, in order to legitimize the elimination of Jews in the European population. It is true that Nazi policy did a great effort to facilitate denial of the Holocaust even as the killing operation unfolded across the world during World War II. The Holocaust was considered…

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