The Holocaust And Skewed Minds Essay

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The Holocaust and Skewed Minds
The Holocaust and the events that occurred in Nazi Germany are very popular topics of discussion. Today’s society views the actions that occurred during this time to be inhumane and horrific events that should never be repeated or replicated. Therefore, certain aspects of the events are often “played-up,” or exaggerated, while others are ignored resulting in skewed and sometimes naive people. However, the acts of “deadly medicine” that occurred during the Holocaust did cause many questions to rise. Questions such as “can science go too far?” and “what is right and wrong in the world of medicine?” entered the minds of many and would forever change the concept of medical ethics.
“Deadly medicine” in the Holocaust was Nazi Germany’s act of taking those viewed as being imperfect by the Nazi society and experimenting on them. To most people, this seems like a horror story. Because of the media’s portrayal and the motifs of horrific doctors and innocent victims that are often presented when referring to the Holocaust, few people consider the ideology of the historical actors that engaged in the “deadly medicine.” The actors had reasons and feelings behind the things that they participated in. As Everby implies, it is important for people to look at all the facts and form their own opinions, rather than just listening to things that are clearly presented, exaggerated, or focused upon.
Before Hitler’s takeover of Germany began, many physicians had…

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