The Holocaust And Nazi Germany During World War II Essay

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Imagine living in a world of oppression, a world in which people deny others their food, their water, their identity, and ultimately their right of life. Imagine living in a world of starvation, a world in which people fight their own family members over crumbs of bread. Imagine living in a world constantly filled with horror, a world in which death can strike at any moment. And finally, imagine that, at a point in history, this world did, in fact, exist. The Holocaust, perpetrated by Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany during World War II, remains one of the most infamous genocides in human history, resulting in the death of approximately six million Jews. For many of these Jews, as seen in Night by Elie Wiesel, “Stealing Bread” by Ella Liebermann-Shiber, “I Kept on Walking” by Mark Hayward, and The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank, the extreme conditions of the Holocaust and the concentration camps coerced them to take any actions necessary to survive. They show that in times of desperation and harsh conditions, people will change their personality, obtaining a self-centered perspective on life and losing their sense of human emotion and conscience. During the Holocaust and other harsh situations, people will become selfish in their actions, and they will take actions that they may otherwise never take. In a piece of artwork, “Stealing Bread,” created by Ella Liebermann-Shiber, a young, emaciated man steals a piece of bread from an asleep prisoner next to him. Due to his…

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