The Holocaust And Japanese Internment Camps Essay

1230 Words Dec 1st, 2016 5 Pages
The human race has blood on its hands. We have segregated, subjugated, and slaughtered other humans due to something as small as race, a made social concept. This made up idea contributed to the scars of our history: Slavery, the Holocaust, Japanese Internment camps. We have made many horriable mistakes, but we have attempted to right the wrongs committed by our ancestors. These attempts, called reparations, often leave the problems unsolved. They are limited by the word “reparation” itself. A reparation is the attempt to of making amends in order to right a wrong, usually through monetary compensation. This, however, does nothing to fix social issues brought forth by the conflict. Oppression due to race was prevalent all over the world but has a resounding affect on America. Race was an idea made up to justify the idea one group being better than the other. It was used as justification to slaughter and subjugate the Native Americans during the age of discovery. Later it was used in America to promote nativism and to also support slavery. Race is associated with a plethora of bleak periods in American history and holds weight even today. The President-Elect Donald Trump winning with a nativist platform to affirmative action are examples of the prevalence of race within modern American Society. In the book Between the World and Me, Coates argues the idea of slavery being the reason for the poverty faced by black Americans today. Affirmative action is the prime example of…

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