Essay about The Holocaust : A Tragic Event

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Silence means forgetting. Avoiding a lesson, denying the truth, means failing to learn from past mistakes. As seen in the novel Night by Elie Wiesel, the Holocaust is a tragic event that took place in human history. The word Holocaust is of Greek origin, meaning “sacrifice by fire” (memorial council 1). This event begs to be forgotten due to the inability of people to face the harsh realities taking place during this time period in the 1940s. Normal civilians were aware of the cattle cars transporting Jews to their unknown fate, yet they failed to speak up. Now, people continue doing these things every day. One is capable of gaining an abundance of wisdom from the Holocaust, such as how simple it is to allow hate to manifest, how difficult it is to stand up for what one believes in, but how terrible it may be if one fails to halt the accumulation of inhumanity, hate, and racism that is continually taking place. The Holocaust is a prime example of what could transpire if humans begin to recognize one another as less than human (Never Forget 6). Once a group is separated into another category, society is allowing that group to be labeled and targeted as either less than or superior to the rest of humanity. During the Holocaust, The Nazis came into power in Germany. The Germans foundation levied on the idea that they were racially superior, thus causing them to believe the Jews were a threat to the German community (memorial council 2).This contorted view of thinking grew out…

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