The Holocaust : A Single Man 's Belief Essay

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Many people believe the Holocaust was a single man 's beliefs, in the right place, at the right time. Those people, however, would be wrong. The Holocaust wasn 't just a single man 's belief; instead, there were many men throughout the years who contributed to the culmination of the vehement hatred of the Jewish people. By examining various time frames, such as the Middle Ages, more modern times, and even Hitler’s Germany, it is evident that there was a clear buildup of the anti-Semitic attitudes that would be the catalyst to one of the worst events in history: the Holocaust.
Some people believe Hitler had original ideas, such as the Star of David being used to differentiate Jewish people from Christians, and the ghettos; however, that isn’t the case. As early as 1215, a council made by the Pope required Jews to wear a yellow badge on their person to distinguish them from Christians. After the badge was created, some places decided to turn to segregating Jewish people into neighborhoods that they were only permitted to leave for short, approved time frames; thus, forming the first ghettos.
In addition to segregation and marking the Jewish people, the medieval times saw Jewish people being been accused of witchcraft and using these powers to take over the Christian spaces. They also used their other secret weapon- money- to help get ahead in their mostly Christian environment. Despite being viewed as untrustworthy and using money to their secret advantage, Jewish people were…

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