Essay The Hollywood Production Code Of The Film Industry

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The film industry had many changes take place in Hollywood during the 30’s such as the transitions to sound, color, and a new code of conduct emerged. The Hollywood Production Code is also known as Hays Code. It is a series of guidelines created by motion pictures in order to restrict explicitly in filmmaking. Producers believed they were responsible for spirality and morality of people all over the world when they made films. When the industry transitioned from silent films to talking pictures it became necessary to implement a code of conduct. Crimes against law, sex, vulgarity, obscenity, profanity, costumes, dances, religion, locations, and national feelings were address using the Hollywood Production Code. The code attempted to discourage sinful behavior and create idealistic views of the world. ( Producers wanted to restore youth by creating films that radiated positivity and morals. The code required filmmakers to be as politically correct as possible. Another reason the code came about was to cover up Hollywood scandals. During the late teens and early twenties film industry had adopted a bad reputation. For example a comedian named Fatty Arbuckle was accused of raping and murdering a young actress. Actor Wallace Reid died of drug overdose. This is only a few of the negative stories that surfaced in the media out of Hollywood. So the studio head decided to hire a public relations man to help them restore their image.…

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