Hollywood: The Jazz Singer

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The famous Hollywood sign came into existence in 1923 when it was erected as an advertisement and was initially written as “Hollywoodland”, it was a massive construction of white block letters placed on the steep hillside and overnight became the emblem for the movie capitol. The construction became a symbol of glamour, stardom, and international recognition of the star power to the entire world. The sign does represent the earthly home to the celebrity buzz, stardom and ethereal world of fame creating an American dream and aspiration in millions of hearts to witness and materialize the Hollywood dream. The longing to be in the limelight, to be the heartthrob of the masses, rule Hollywood and be a face which would be recognized by all. The …show more content…
Suddenly, the sign “Hollywood” became a landmark in representing the industry started to represent the South California (Rosenberg, 2002)
The movie “The Jazz Singer” is a 1927 American musical cinematic experience. The date 6th October 1927, it made a new mark in the history as the audiences flocked to the theaters to watch the much-hyped The Jazz Singer, the only difference was that audience not only saw but also heard the actual voices of the actors. It changed the prospect and the façade of the cinema viewing experience.
The film starred the popular actor Al Jolson and the movie used his voice in the songs and the dialogues. It became the first talkie in the history of films, which defined the deal about the larger than life picture and finally
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The journey of Hollywood and the resurrection of the sign make it a landmark incident in the history of filmmaking, production and real-estate market.

The movie “The Jazz Singer” was first step to making it larger than life. It was making of a star in the laps of Hollywood. The film depicted an illusory narrative of Jakie Rabinowitz, a young man who is a rebel by nature and strives to defy, the ethnicity of a devoted Jewish family. After the singer performed popular tunes and presented it in a beer garden, the character was rebuked by his father for such an act, a cantor, suggested Jakie to elope from his home away from his tyrant and conservative father.
A few years later, we find the character proclaiming himself as Jack Robin, and have turned out to be a brilliant jazz singer. The relevance and striking similarity with the Hollywood sign simply was that the Hollywood sign initially was erected as “Hollywoodland”, and then was revamped as

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