Essay about The Hollow Of Three Hills

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One of the greatest terrors of the human mind is death. Death hovers over us, holding a ticking clock which counts down the time that we have left before we join him. Subconsciously, all humans can hear this clock from the moment we truly understand who Death represents- the end. This understanding guides our actions while we are alive. Humans try to be the best they can in order to be able to reflect back in the end with a sense of accomplishment. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s short story, “The Hollow of Three Hills,” is an example of the reflection that humans go through before giving ourselves to Death. The Lady has died and in the state of limbo (the border between Life and Death) she meets the Crone. The Crone represents a mythological creature, the Psychopomps, who guides spirit into the next world. In the beginning of this story, The Lady, whose name wasn’t given, meets with the Crone “at an appointed hour and place” (Hawthorne 1). This is the “appointment” that every person has in the limbo state before meeting Death. The Lady, “pale and troubled,” was in the “fullest bloom of her years” when she died. She has done some actions in her life which she desires to see the consequences. The Crone takes the form of a corrupted Psychopomp. Psychopomps are mythological creatures who guides souls to the afterlife. The most commonly known Psychopomps are Hermes from Greek mythology and Anubis from Egyptian mythology (Strong). She is corrupted because Psychopomps are not supposed to…

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