Essay on The Holland Economic Challenge

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The Holland Economic Challenge The economic challenge currently facing the Netherlands is causing an increased awareness of the financial hardships facing Europe and the support that the United States can send to help and better relationships with our European allies. Some of the factors playing into the economic challenge are the physical environment, military considerations, and the social and political environment that Holland is currently facing. If Holland is planning to keep its role in the world stage, it must look at these factors and make a change to the current system that they have been using. Physical environment is playing a crucial role in the economic problems that Holland is currently facing. With an eighth of the country under sea level and fifty percent of the country under one meter over sea level it is easy to see that the country faces serious challenges from flooding. “For a small nation of 41,526 sq km, the Netherlands is densely populated with 486 persons per square kilometer.”(“Sea Level Rise and the Future of the Netherlands”2) Because of this extremely big population density, the government of Holland has no chance to stop spending on growing the safety of their population or on the renewal of water management facilities. In 1953 this was shown by the failure of some of the Netherlands coastal water management levee’s which when they failed caused the death of 1,853 people and caused huge damage to nearby farming lands and ruined around…

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