The Holistic Health Model Of Nursing Essay

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Margaret Newman theory to holistically care for Mr. Gray treating him physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
Health and health promotion is presented from three different perspectives; a theoretical nursing perspective formulating a stipulative definition of health promotion with a holistic-existential nursing approach supported by five necessary conditions, health and health promotion described by ten elderly hospital patients and thirdly, health and health promotion seen from a clinical nursing perspective based on a combination of dialogues with nurses and participant observation. The holistic health model of nursing attempts to create conditions that promote optimal health (Potter, 2013, p. 67). Some nurses use holistic nursing because they recognize the natural healing abilities of the body and incorporate complementary and alternative interventions. Quality of life is important in holistic nursing. Holistic nursing is a type of nursing specialty that emphasizes on the whole wellbeing of a patient. Holistic nursing creates a bond between the nurse and the patient.
A basic way to advance holistic nursing is to show up and be identified as nurses who have specialized knowledge and skills related to holistic practice (Burkhardt, 2014).
Quality of life may be affected by the physical and emotional surrounding of a patient. It is important to encourage the patient 's ability to do their ordinary everyday tasks. It is important for a nurse to have a positive…

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