The Holiday Of Columbus Day Essay

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The holiday of Columbus Day has kindled an undeniable amount of controversy over the years. Whether or not it should be celebrated is debatable because while Columbus did open up the Americas to commerce with Eurasia, his travels also led to the decimation and abuse of the Native American population. The current Columbus Day is overly simplified. To extract the true meaning of Columbus Day, Columbus himself must be removed from the center of the holiday, and the holiday should recognize both the positive and negative results of October 12th, 1492. In light of the abuse, death, and cultural eradication that the Native Americans were forced to suffer through as a result of Columbus’s voyage, Columbus Day cannot be celebrated the way it is today. Notably, the population of Native Americans is estimated to have dropped from a quarter million to a few hundred in just a few short decades (Bergreen 301). While many of these deaths were caused by the Europeans unwittingly carrying diseases to the Americas that the Native Americans had no resistances to, far too many deaths were caused by “torture, wholesale slaughter, and ‘the harshest and most iniquitous and brutal slavery that man has ever devised for his fellow men’” (Bergreen 301). Furthermore, the Native Americans who didn’t die were forced to assimilate to the culture of whichever European country had arrived on their land. For example, the Spanish forced the Native Americans to “acknowledge the Church as the ruler and…

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