The Hocus Pocus Reboot

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Hocus Pocus is synonymous with Halloween. It has been a fan-favorite for over two decades. Recently, it was confirmed that there is a reboot in the works. Initially, it was believed a sequel was in the works, but that was squashed when the announcement came that it was being completely redone. The Disney Channel will play host to the reboot, and the original Hocus Pocus director has signed on to work with the new team.

Speculation swirled about whether or not any of the original cast members would return for the Hocus Pocus reboot. Unfortunately, that doesn't look like a possibility at this point. The script is still being worked on with no end date being announced yet. Hocus Pocus fans wondered about the Sanderson sisters. The original cast
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Midler was also clear that she would not return to the movie for any amount of money. Also, there were some comments on how her character would be cast, and many fans have agreed that Winifred Sanderson will be tough shoes to fill. Hocus Pocus is all about the Sanderson sisters and this resurrection may not do the original justice.

The assumption is that the Hocus Pocus reboot will be made to coincide along with other Disney Channel original movies. Right now, they have the Halloweentown series and the two Twitches movies, but that is all for their Halloween collection. With no clear direction regarding the path the writer and director plan to take, fans are nervous about what may happen to a Halloween classic. The movie garnered a lot of attention and the casting director was spot on with the roles.

Bette Midler is a veteran actor and with her opinion on one of her roles being what it is, it could affect the expectations of the Hocus Pocus reboot. The Disney Channel has a lot of work ahead to make sure they please the fans. This is a big project and Hocus Pocus fans won't accept anything less than a stellar movie at this

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