The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Case Essay

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The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case was definitely one case that significantly impacted business and society. The owners of the Hobby Lobby corporation went to trial in order to prevent from providing free contraceptive to their employees because it was against their beliefs. In fact, they won the trial and were given the right to religious freedom. Hobby Lobby, and other corporations should not have the right to religious freedom. Corporations should not have the right to religious freedom because employers should not push their beliefs and make decisions for their employees, nor be exempt from following certain government regulations that would benefit their employees.
To begin with, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. is an arts and crafts retailer that was founded in 1970 by David Green. The company is operated by the Green Family, whom are devout Christians (Our Company 1). The Green Family aims to exercise their Christian beliefs and teachings into their company. One of their beliefs happens to be against the use of contraception (OYEZ 1). When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed and put into place, family-owned businesses like Hobby Lobby, were not happy (OYEZ 1). The PPACA, or better known as ObamaCare, was enacted in 2010 by President Barack Obama as a health care reform law. ObamaCare required corporations to provide free contraceptive to their employees. Religious family-owned businesses, like Hobby Lobby, disapproved of this…

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