Essay on The Hmong Vs. Hmong

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The cultural clashes amongst the people of the Hmong and Westered based society of
America about health care is a clash of ideologies and ethnocentrism. A refusal to find middle ground and a general misunderstanding of each other’s cultures. Each of these culture’s healing arts, be that biomedicine of America or the traditional healings of the Hmong, are working remedies that tackle the problems faced by healers and doctors with a unique understanding of one’s culture. Through the Hmong it is a spiritual and a truly holistic understanding of the body, while the American biomedicine divides things into parts, like a car. These two systems while approaching the same field with different understandings, can have similar results. That these two systems are working, and no one system is superior to another within their respected sphere, while their similarities and differences truly highlighting each other’s cultures.

The Etiology of the Hmong health system is one of unity. It is a system that embodies balance and holism. To the Hmong the body isn’t machine of many parts working together, it’s a being that interacts with its souls and the spiritual world. The soul is responsible for nearly all illnesses and diseases. If it is separated, scared, lost or confused the soul or souls would cause an imbalance within the body and therefore cause the sickness. The Hmong are very careful of their soul as they believe in reincarnation, if the souls was in some way hurt or…

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