The History of the World in Six Glasses Essay

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Chapters 1 & 2
Q. How did beer lead to the development of cities in Mesopotamia and Egypt?
A. Beer started out as gruel, and as the gruel fermented it turned into beer. Now it was not the first form of alcohol, but it was an important kind of alcohol. Beer was made from cereal crops, which were very abundant, and because it was so abundant it could be made whenever it was needed. They then found an even easier way to make beer by using beer-bread. Beer bread is basically everything needed to make beer in a loaf, making it convenient to store the raw beer materials. Beer started as just a social drink but then blossomed into a “hallmark of civilization”, as seen by the Mesopotamians. Grain was the basis of the national diet, it was
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2. Describe the role of coffee houses in society in Europe.
A: Coffee and alcohol are very different drinks, but have a pretty similar start. At the start alcohol determined social status. Coffee was mostly drunken, at the beginning, by “informational workers”. Alcohol became a very common drink of everyone at any time of day. Coffee was typical a social drink, a drink for people to have intellectual discussions over. They are same in the way that at times religious people tried to abolish them. They are made mostly the same way, but coffee was a safe alternative to alcoholic drinks. Coffee sobered instead of intoxicating. It heightened perception rather than dulling the senses. Coffee was a little more accepted because it made them more alert and calm opposed to drunk and unresponsive. Coffeehouses on the other hand were a big deal in their society. Because coffee promoted sharpness and clarity of thought, coffeehouses were full of respectable people. They were a better alternative to taverns because they had a more welcoming and comfortable feel. They were a place you could catch up on gossip, rumors, and politics; a central for social, commercial and political talk. They were a place you could play a simple board game. Simply put, they were a meeting place for intellectuals. Officials were actually worried that they encouraged time-wasting. Coffee quickly became the

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