Essay on The History Of The United States

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There have been numerous undulations thorough out the history of the United States; including those that are economic and political. Our current society boasts that we are advanced; yet, we have become reliant on everyone else doing and providing for us. Current publication suggest 43,000,000 Americans receive food stamps, even providing for those basic things we require to survive are difficult for many to obtain. Is the whole prepper movement a position of paranoia or the foretelling of things to come? Prepping has been around for thousands of years; moreover, as Americans we have lost that ability, or drive, to make sure we have enough and don’t use up all the resources we have and rely on someone else to make us new ones. A great number of Americans have a sense of entitlement, others will provide if they cannot or are unwilling to do for themselves during hard times. While we, as a society, currently accept this as the norm, history suggests otherwise. Every American should become self-reliant and stop being dependent on society to provide as a form of crisis intervention; provide for yourself, your dependents, and take care of your own. From the beginning of time there has been suggestions and guidance requiring individuals to be prepared, and for a good reason. Take for example, Noah from the bible. “I am going to put an end to all people, for the earth is filled with violence because of them. I am surly going to destroy both of them and the Earth. So make…

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