Research Paper On The Salem Witch Trials

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Have you ever wondered what it was like for the girls of the Salem witch trials? In the trials many young girls were accused of using magic, many of which were falsely accused. This paper will touch on the main points of the trials and will also talk about witchcraft itself. This paper will also include how witchcraft may affect us in the modern day.
The history of witchcraft goes as far back as the early days of humankind.The first witch hunt was in 1022 A.D when they burned one witch. A witch is someone who believes that they harbour special powers and abilities. They also believed that they were the mediators between humans and other beings beyond death. It basically a earth-based religion where they believe that the are drawing powers
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to the ones who were a part of the trials, according to The Salem Journal: The Aftermath, 24 died and 55 were falsely accused and taken to jail. But altogether there were over a 150 people involved with the Salem Witch Trials in some way,some of the ways that they could have contributed was they were either on trial or giving the trial. Some even were among the falsely accused. Some of those people may have died in jail or were just set free when the government got involved and put an end to the witch burnings. According to some websites after the trials were over and more investigation was put into it they believed that it was just due to teenage boredom, or just boredom in general, a small little town with nothing better to do. So they come up with something to do, but in other cases the actually believed that witchcraft was real and that there was something wrong with these girls. So when word got out about possible witches and witchcraft the town of Salem went into complete hysteria and were not bored …show more content…
Some countries still hold trials and burn suspected witches. Even with laws that exist they still burn women that they think are conjuring spells and cursing people. Belief in witchcraft is very widespread. “A 2005 poll of Canadians and people from the United Kingdom found that 13 percent believed in witches. For Americans, that number was even higher: 21 percent” ( So it is clear that today people still think that there are witches and they will have a hold over our lives. Most of the current witch trials are in the continent of africa. Where they believe in witch doctors and that they witchcraft that they practice can save lives and help with the major sickness over there. But they don 't get put on trial because they are believed to be helping the small villages where people are more vulnerable to sickness and death. According to

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