Essay about The History Of The Creative Curriculum

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The history of the Creative Curriculum began in the United States, in the late nineteenth century. Many early theorists felt that there was a bigger need for a more meaning full way of teaching. John Dewey, was the man for the job. He developed a curriculum that would help students utilize the skills and knowledge they learned in the classroom. His idea of learning, “put a premium on meaningful activity in learning and participation in classroom democracy”. (WEB SITE). Because of Dewey’s research, many future theorists built on what he had found. A few years later, James, A. Beane developed a model off of Dewey’s. Beane felt that the material should be meaningful to the learner and should be of value to society. His model, “was centered on the ideals of a democratic classroom”. (Root). Despondently, we don’t see a lot of Creative Curriculum used in the classroom due to standardized testing. With the focus on test scores, teachers had to find ways to return creativity back to their classrooms. Flash forward many years and Diane Trister Dodge begins to develop her own Creative Curriculum and it had many people interested. Dodge, was a former preschool teacher. In 1988, she created a company in her basement that focused on early childhood education. It was there in her basement that she started The Creative Curriculum for Preschool. Her approach was based off of her many years working with preschool educators. In her method, it aided teachers to make their practices…

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