The History Of Racial Discrimination In The United States

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Racial discrimination is a clear reality in our society that affects everyone. It is an ongoing human judgment that U.S. cannot really stop. Opportunities, privileges and chances of people of color in the United States are limited as compared to whites. The history of discrimination, as presented in the readings, continues to affect the present in areas such as housing, health care, education, wage level, and the criminal justice system. The articles focus on the racial discrimination faced by blacks in the past; however, what has happened to them before is still relevant today. When blacks began to move from the southern states to the northern states, they were in search for a fresh start. However, even though they were looking for equality …show more content…
If blacks and minorities tend to live in poor neighborhoods and children living in these area attend zoned public schools, until they reach high school where they can apply to any school in the five boroughs. Yet, the education they receive in elementary and middle school are not the highest standards due to underfunding they have. This ultimately has an affect when apply to high schools, which one of three things can happen. They either do not have the grades to enter the ‘better’ high schools, due to random selection process they may or may not be selected to go to the ‘better’ high school, or they are misinformed about the process and are not aware about the various choices they have (including the specialized high school programs). If they are not selected to go to the ‘better’ high school, they attend their zoned high school where the education may not be up to standard. In reference to prior week’s reading, blacks and minorities may also have the mentality that they should not attempt to better their education because of constantly being told they will not amount to

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